A Sunday Break

Spring art, made by hand.


Uptown Super Sunday. That’s my work for today. When I say work, I mean it. Big crowds. Rough and broken streets. Too many photographers who don’t know the rules of the street…


It’s great fun. I get to see friends that I haven’t seen for a while. I get make some really good pictures — not because I’m any good, but because they are there to be photographed.  Of course, this is two days in a row. I photographed the Indian funeral and a second line. I got to the end of the march, but most people were starting to leave.

Why aren’t you seeing any of that today?

Well, I’m old. I’m slow. I also truly believe that pictures need to marinate for a few days before you cull and edit them. I did download everything and backup the files. I took a passing look at them, but that’s where I stopped. I’ll try to do some editing a little bit, tonight and tomorrow. No worries. The rest of the week will likely be all New Orleans culture, all the time.

This picture. I get bored lying around trying to let my body recover. Since I try not to use my mind when I make pictures, it’s fairly fresh. So, I started playing with a picture I made last week while walking the dog who sees things. You are looking at the final result of my artistic musings.

Don’t ask how I did it, because I’m not altogether sure. I can tell you that I started in one direction and changed paths so many times that I came close to confusing myself. That’s always fun because that’s where the magic lies. I can tell you one thing, that sunlight is really sunlight. It just wasn’t coming from above. It came from the side. So, I flipped the picture.

After all, art is art. I doesn’t matter how you got there.


  1. Ray this stunning and retains a realistic look as if it came out of the camera rather than be manipulated after the fact. The trees could be shadows on the sidewalk. Enough said it is just enjoyable.


  2. I love this picture. “Art is art” – indeed. If one could fully describe later how you got to something and/or why, I think it would lose some of the magic. And this picture contains a lot of that.


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