Forming the parade.

A little more red.

A little more color. A little more light. A little more joy. A little more celebration.

And, the last of this series for you.

I made a lot more pictures than I’ve shown you. If you’d like to see more just let me know. But, I reckon a weeks worth of pretty Indians is about enough for now. Besides, the postponed Uptown Super Sunday takes place this Sunday. That means another week of Mardi Gras Indians.

Actually, this is one crowded weekend. On Saturday, there is an Indian funeral for the longest walking Indian. He started out in 1947. He passed about a week ago. There is the make up second line. And, there is the local version of March For Our Lives. They all start at about noon. I can’t be in three places at once, although there is the possibility of photographing the start of one and the end of another. I have my idea about how to prioritize this, but what would you do? To my mind they are equally important. From the point of view of documenting history, there is only one choice.

Then, there’s Sunday. Super Sunday and a second line. That’s easy. Super Sunday first. The second line is called Revolution. Of course, it’s across the city. We’ll see. It is possible to photograph both.


The good news, my physical problems seem to have settled down. For now. We bought a new bed.  One of those new disruptor companies. Unlike the ones that come in a box, these are hand-made. The come delivered with white glove service. They had a delivery window of from 9am until 1pm. The mattress and foundation were installed by 9:15am. The driver and helper were professional and fast. They even gave us a few minutes to vacuum under the bed. Of course the first one to test it was the dog who sees things.

I’ve also gone back to the gym. After consulting with my original orthopod, we came up with some exercises that are designed to build muscle and help to support my back without doing further injury. And, there is morning and evening stretching

Of course, there is still dog walking. If I tried to stop that there would be a revolution in this house.

For an old guy with physical issues, I may be getting more exercise than some of you young whippersnappers. Ha! My life depends on it. It makes everything better. Especially my version of street photography.

The picture. One more of Big Queen. She was backlighted in my opening picture last Tuesday. I felt like bookending this little portfolio with her was a good idea. At this point in the night, the Indians were forming up so that they could roll. The rest is my usual street formula. See it. Photograph it. Work for good pool of light in a night-time picture. And, hope for photographer’s luck.