Into the Mystic

Softly in the morning.

And yet, another tree study.

Spring is about rebirth. Trees are about rebirth. Is there any wonder why I’m fascinated by them? Especially as I get older.

I like to work in collections of things. I don’t believe that you can make a portfolio of anything in one or two quick shoots. You have to return again and again. I photograph other subjects as well during that time.

As I scrolled through my archives, I realized that I’ve been photographing trees and clouds for almost two years. That’s eight seasonal changes. In all kinds of weather. In heat. Humidity. Cold. Rain storms. I’ve worked in atmospheric pictures like this one. I’ve made tiny detail images.

What to do with them all?

Right off, some go to my various agencies. They’ll get lumped in with everybody else’s tree pictures. They won’t sell because of that. That’s not why I made them. I could pursue a little gallery show. The pictures won’t sell there either. That’s also not why I made them. Or, I could make a small book. Maybe 20 to 40 pages including front and back matter. It’s hard to say if the books will sell. If nothing else, I’ll have a small collection of this focused work in a book. I’ll enjoy it. That’s why I made the pictures.

We’ll see.

I’m not willing to print boxes of books that sit until one might sell. I’m also not willing to put them on Amazon where they sell of $1.99. The work is worth more than that. I guess it’s important for many people to have other people read their work. They want to be heard. I get that. But, there is something I’ve learned over the years. The cheaper you price a product, the less it’s worth.

Guess what? There is a second corollary. Once you price your work very low, it’s almost impossible to raise the price. You’ve already set your worth.

Since this likely won’t have a publisher, I’ll print them on demand using some company like Blurb. I’ll price them appropriately¬†at right under $20 a book.

Would you buy them? I have no idea.

Will I actually do this project? I have no idea about that either.

So many words that came out of a pretty little picture. Hmmmm.

The picture. It’s the usual simple thing. See it, photograph it. Do some work in post production to make it what I saw. And, share it with you.