A Peaceful Sunday

Morning peacefulness.

Sunday morning.

The house is quiet. The dogs are asleep. The only one awake is me. I like working in the quietude of morning. On a normal business day, I usually complete the tasks that must be done for the day by noon. Today, aside from a few household chores, I’ll be done when I finish this post.

This is a Sunday picture.

Quiet. Peaceful. Gentle.

A good start to a fairly calm day. One of few.

The day could have been really, really busy. Today is Uptown Super Sunday. The day when the Mardi Gras Indians gather to show off their finery. When people descend on Central City who would not normally come anywhere near it. True. It is a rough neighborhood. But, I always feel safe there. Most of the residents are blue-collar. Like me.

There is also a second line that winds its way through another area of Central City. Trying to photograph both takes some great energy. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at that kind of planning. That would be funny. Even if I planned and timed everything down to a minute, these things are organic. The Indians will follow a planned route, but the start time is always flexible. The second liners will follow a planned route, but that could change if they cross the Indians, even within a block or two. Then there’s their start time. Heh! It’s a New Orleans thing.

You know the joke about God and your plans? The one that goes something like this. “If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans.” That one.

Yes, indeedy.

The skies are heavily overcast. The weather experts are calling for 90% rain later this morning and through the afternoon. Normally, I don’t trust the experts. But, 90% changes that equation a lot.


Super Sunday has been postponed until next weekend. The Indians make these kinds of calls early because they don’t want their suits destroyed in the rain. They suits may be big, and bulky. They are 125 pounds of wonder. But, they are very fragile. I don’t know about the second line yet.

I suppose that we could get a lot of little stuff done around here. Nah. A free quiet day is a free quiet day.

The picture. I saw it. I pushed the button. This time, I made a slight change. I knew what I wanted to do in post production so I made the original file to compensate for that. I wanted to make this work look like a Japanese woodcut. It’s not quite there yet. But, you can see how the leaves sort of make a stamp of themselves. It’s called offsetting.

It’s a gentle picture.

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