As flowers drift by.

A little bit of peacefulness. Flowers drifting in water. An interplay of light and shadows. Slightly wind-blown grasses.

All this and more.

In my imagination. A dream sequence that helps me relax in a time of tension and international stupidity.

I work in the real world.

Discovering a picture that looks like something in a dream is a combination of luck and paying attention… to the dog who sees things. She led me to this picture. She almost climbed up, over, and into the water. Apparently, she liked what she saw.

The picture. See it. Photograph it. It was as simple as that. The real work came in post production. Since the scene is in shadow, the camera’s light meter wanted to overexpose a little. I wanted to underexpose and make the picture be deep, dark and moody. That was what I did in post production. The shadows helped to keep the light even. Most of my corrections were simple.


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      • Now I understand what you mean. You can do what I do. I completely tune out one or two days a week. The only social media I use is WordPress because I post daily. And, I don’t read my newspaper subscriptions. Today was a sleep day. I got up, had a bite to eat, went back to sleep. I did that three times. Now I feel great. A little fuzzy, but great.

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      • Good to know Ray self care matters…I’ve got a variety of platforms but getting a website up and running soon as a repository of what I do…I’m always looking at contract work…smiles from Regina 💫❄️🌞


      • I’m pretty religious about taking time out from everything. Now that I’m feeling better, I’m also spending much more time doing stretches/yoga and a lot of time in the gym… besides walking these dogs.

        Since you are working with Lightroom as an archiving tool, I assume you are going to build files that are attached to your new website so that it functions as sort of a very accessible archive.

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      • i’ll ask my web person later…some of this stuff is beyond me but i love it and i like the feeling of conquering knowing it…today i’m tackling opening RAR files…everyday it’s a wee bit of wtf…and then i win and i like that feeling…yoga is a must for me to still myself…and yes walking mutts…albeit one of mine is still healing…bur i love walking…very much…smiles from etown…enjoy your day and thanks for your advice/teachings appreciated 😀

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      • I learned it out of self defense. I’ve had to get good at some it. I had to look up RAR. So you are using Windows? Your web guy will probably know a very efficient way to link archives to your website. It can be as simple as linking it to a closed Flickr site since they give unlimited storage. I use Two forms. One is a sort of cloud I created in house and I use Amazon too. After Hurricane Katrina I learned to keep two sets of archives. You’re welcome. If there is anything I can help with don’t hesitate. 🙂

        I think I just put the dog who sees things down for the day. She gets to pick the route. We just walked a mile and a half. She was exhausted coming in the house.


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