The Beauty of Green

Into the green.

The power of nature is on display in this very green picture. Because spring is about rebirth. And, because about a week ago these new leaves didn’t exist.

Rebirth can be a generational thing too.

Watching the young students walk out of their classrooms in order to protest gun violence, and to commemorate those who died needlessly in the last school mass shooting a month ago, brought tears to me eyes.

They gave me hope.

They brought back memories of other protests. In different times. Struggles for equal rights came to mind. Struggles to bring an end to the war in Vietnam came to mind. This is not exactly original thinking on my part. Seeing this next generation of young people do what their hearts, souls and minds told them that they must brought it home in no uncertain manner.

To be sure, there were naysayers. Some claimed they should have been in class learning something. Fine. This is putting what they learned into action. Some say they are too young to know what they were doing. Fine. At 18 years of age they can enlist in the military. Possibly to fight and die for their country.  Some asked what does an 11 and or 12-year-old kid know? The know the fear of going to school and possibly not coming home. Some know the terror of practice drills.

Shall I go on?

A lot needs to change in my country, possibly in your country. These are the people to do it. Bob Dylan talked about that over 50 years ago in one of his signature songs, “The Times They Are A Changing.” A song that has been covered more times than I can count. A song that has been studied in every way more times than I can count.

As he said, if you don’t change you’ll sink like a stone.

And, that’s the story from high on Storyteller hill.

The picture. Seems anti-climatic, but I just stuck my camera into a long hanging tree. I pushed the button. The bright, almost emerald-green caught my attention. An early seasonal green. The green of rebirth.


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