More Buses

They gotta go somewhere.

Remember those buses lined up on Magazine Street. You know, Friday’s post. Well they gotta go somewhere.

I was walking back to my car, when the big school buses started rolling to get to the parade’s endpoint. The only way in or out is through the very small Uptown side streets.

New Orleans is an old city. Most of the original street layout in places not The French Quarter was done in the mid to late 1800s. To be sure, not all of the houses are that old, but the streets are. They are tiny compared to most modern cities. Often on a two-way street, one car has to pull over in order to let oncoming traffic pass. To help relieve that pressure many Uptown streets are one way.

You get used to it.

You be surprised at how easily you can pull your car into a tiny space in order to let traffic pass you by. We are used to it. Problems arise when some huge double dually pickup truck with Texas license plates get lost. The driver thinks he has the right of way. Always. He has the truck to prove it. During Carnival Season this happens a lot. Tourists. We can’t live with them and we can’t live without them. We need the money.


Here come the buses on those little streets. This picture was made while I was walking up a two-way street. They barely can pass through. They are lead and followed by NOPD with their flashing blue lights. The streets are closed until they pass through. Luckily, I parked well behind their route. No, not luck. Years of experience.

The picture. I saw it. I photographed it. I had no idea what I had because I just did the right thing. I reacted. The camera came off of my shoulder and into my hand. I focused and pushed the button. The camera’s meter is so dead on that I did almost no work in post production. In fact, any work I did made the picture worse not better. So I went back to the original.

Happy Sunday. I hope y’all got enough sleep.