Subtle along the wall.

Subtle. Sublime. Shadows.

Sometimes I see. I really see. I saw these shadows on a bit of white washed curb. On another day I might have been in a hurry and walked right by them. Admittedly, there was some pretty strong and low sunlight causing them. But, with me you never know.

I’m kind of floating around right now. I photographed a second line yesterday just as I said I would. Between the necessary pain meds and dancing around on the street dodging first liners and potholes and our fine police force, I came home pretty tired. As I get older, recovery time increases. That’s why I laugh when some older professional athlete like Tom Brady or Drew Brees says they are going to play until they are at least 45. Even if they can continue to compete at a high level, recovery time takes much longer. And…. can you imagine being knocked to the ground by some 325 pound lineman? Ten times a game?

Get real is all I have to say.

I’m hoping to feel like myself by tomorrow. If I’m lucky.

In case you are wondering. I eat well. I haven’t eaten fast food in so long I can’t remember when I did. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I walk about three miles a day. I do two stretching sessions a day.

Yet, time takes its toll. That’s alright. It’s life.

The picture. As I said, on another day I wouldn’t have seen it. After that, it was matter of framing it so the shadows became the most dominant feature. I did a little post production, mostly to bring out the shadows a little more. That’s it.