Subtle along the wall.

Subtle. Sublime. Shadows.

Sometimes I see. I really see. I saw these shadows on a bit of white washed curb. On another day I might have been in a hurry and walked right by them. Admittedly, there was some pretty strong and low sunlight causing them. But, with me you never know.

I’m kind of floating around right now. I photographed a second line yesterday just as I said I would. Between the necessary pain meds and dancing around on the street dodging first liners and potholes and our fine police force, I came home pretty tired. As I get older, recovery time increases. That’s why I laugh when some older professional athlete┬álike Tom Brady or Drew Brees says they are going to play until they are at least 45. Even if they can continue to compete at a high level, recovery time takes much longer. And…. can you imagine being knocked to the ground by some 325 pound lineman? Ten times a game?

Get real is all I have to say.

I’m hoping to feel like myself by tomorrow. If I’m lucky.

In case you are wondering. I eat well. I haven’t eaten fast food in so long I can’t remember when I did. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I walk about three miles a day. I do two stretching sessions a day.

Yet, time takes its toll. That’s alright. It’s life.

The picture. As I said, on another day I wouldn’t have seen it. After that, it was matter of framing it so the shadows became the most dominant feature. I did a little post production, mostly to bring out the shadows a little more. That’s it.