On Another Sunday

Pink spring.

A Sunday picture.

Bold, beautiful and big. And, magenta.

I’d leave it at that, but there is one thing I’d like to share. This is an iPhone picture. With the latest operating system, Apple made some changes. The phone’s camera has many more tools, including the one I used to make this picture… a macro function. It’s not exactly macro, but it’s close enough.

Apple also changed the image processing algorithm. I made an 18 x 12 print just to test it. No extreme uprezing. No fiddling around. I was able to make the print in one try. And, that was wireless. Press the button on the phone and off the data went to my printer. Amazingly enough, it didn’t take an act of God to install the proper software.

Now, it’s off to the second line.

Have fun this pretty Sunday.


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