Stuck in the mud.

Two leaves. Stuck in the mud. Going nowhere.

Spring rains and construction leave almost no place to walk if you choose certain directions. Either there is mud. Or, pooled water. The dog who accompanies me comes home with muddy paws. I come home with muddy feet. The kitchen floor needs to be mopped twice daily.

I asked one of the guys working on the line (He wasn’t from Wichita) if this was a forever project. He replied that he wished. It’s an easy neighborhood to work in. Or, stand around in. Or, break a pipe in.

All of these things happened.

There’s mud everywhere. If the rains pause for more than two days, it’ll dry out. For now, the mud caught these two leaves. And, I photographed them. In the mud.

It was a simple thing. All I did was figure out how to frame them. You know the next line. In case you forgot, push the button. Yes. I did some post production. I darkened the entire image to make those leaves pop out of the mud that trapped them.

That’s all I did.


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