Something for a Sunday

Spring buds.

A bright, happy and energetic Sunday picture it there ever was one.

Happy Sunday.

Oh. For those of you who want to learn a technique, here it is. Set your gear to everything auto. Stick your phone or your camera into the bush, flower, tree or whatever. Push the shutter release button and let your gear do what it does best. You almost don’t have to  compose the picture. Just know your gear’s limits and point and shoot.



      1. Apparently, they were better last night when they played in Sunrise, Florida, about 300 yards from Parkland. They invited a huge amount of surviving students to the show. Band member by band members came out on stage wearing Stoneman Davis t-shirts. They dedicated the show to the kids and played two sets of songs that were tailored to fit. Their encore was a Touch of Gray, which is about surviving. Things are gonna change… ⚜️🎼📷

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      2. as a past teacher and teacher educator…it’s hard for me to imagine…I believe these students have turned the page…which after Columbine needed to happen…of course we have Canadian school issues too…so I do believe our youth will be the change…I do everything I can to support them…and lots of music also helps me…hugs dear Ray! 😀

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      3. We’ll see. I follow them on Twitter. I don’t think you have anywhere near the issues we have down here. While everybody was talking about the school shooting, we in New Orleans quietly had 15 shootings resulting in eight dead and the rest wounded. That’s just February. I can hardly wait for March.

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      4. I think imagining and miracles are about in the same category. They take hard work to achieve. I just hope the “kids” understand that. Thank you for those gentle thoughts. It reminds of somebody who is lost to the fog of the past. And, that makes me smile.

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