Spring is upon us.

One day. That’s all it took.

I pass by this place almost every day. One day the trees looked like winter. The next day they looked like spring. That’s great, I suppose.

The temperature is too hot. Our low temperatures have been higher than our normal highs during this time of year. I’m not a highly paid television weather person, so I’m not really qualified to ask this question. If it’s so warm now, what is summer going to be like? Are we in for a 120 days of 90 degree plus weather? Or, will the temperatures drop back down to about normal? Or, or, or…

Questions. So many questions.

The picture. I think, for a little while, I’m going to talk a little photo technique.  A few of you are starting your photographic journey. I’ll tell you what I did. Please ask as many questions as you like.

Here’s what I did to give the image a good starting point.

Normally, you’d average the exposure between the shadows and highlights. That’s fine. That would make a good picture. I knew that I want something a little different. I exposed for the white clouds giving them some texture and feeling. That dropped everything else into a dark range, which is also what I wanted. To be sure, I did some work in post production. I upped the contrast a little. I made the scene warmer. I gave the edges a little vignette to make sure nothing was hanging out. And, I cropped the picture to make it a deep vertical shape. But, I could have left it alone.

One more thing. I probably made around ten pictures while I worked this very simple scene. Some were tighter, others looser. Some were horizontal, while most were vertical. I even made a sort of diagonal shape in an effort to do some in camera cropping.

I suppose that’s the biggest take away. Since making pictures is almost free once you make your initial investment, you can and should experiment while you are in the field. I’m not suggesting that you pray and spray. I am suggesting that you should work the scene thoughtfully because you’ll never have those few moments again.