Dusk light.

I honestly have no idea. Something was lighting this tree from the front, but I have no idea what, why or how. I didn’t do it. There were no external lights shining on it. I saw it and I photographed it.

That was just a little tricky. The first frame was fairly washed out. Since I made this picture with a smart phone, I had to fool the sensor into making an underexposed image. After all, every smart phone sensor and processor wants to make the “perfect” exposure, just as light meters in old school SLR cameras wanted to expose for 18% gray.

I  focused on the cloud, which is a highlight and then quickly refocused so that the branches would be sharp. If you look at my take, which is about ten frames, you’d see one image that was light, then one that was seemingly too dark and so on. It was up to me to select the one that worked for me. All I did in post production was clean the image up a bit, add a tiny bit of color since no sensor can see what you see, and I was done. In case you’re wondering, I use an iPhone 6s. It doesn’t even have the best possible photo processing software. I’ll leave that to the Google phones and the latest of almost every brand.


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