Cold, Wet and Windy



It is was cold, wet, windy.

It was wonderful.

It was one of those times when you are lucky just to be there. Lucky to observe. Lucky to visit with people. And, be able to make their pictures.

It wasn’t supposed to rain quite as hard as it did. But, it did. It wasn’t supposed to get as cold as it did. But, it did.

Krewe of Nyx started rolling and was delayed by a blown down power line. For an hour. They were still rolling at 11pm. The rain didn’t stop them. But, it did stop the NBA when the arena started leaking. And, this wasn’t a big storm. Could you imagine… oh wait, it did survive the BIG STORM.

The pictures. Marching bands were stuck on their buses until the last-minute. Instruments and uniforms don’t like to be very wet. I gave a nod to USMC Marching Band because… well, just because.  Besides, I really like the Marines playing trumpet, dodging the rain in a store doorway.

And, of course I couldn’t leave out a couple of Druids as they make their way to their floats. I really like this picture. I happened because I needed to crouch low as somebody handed some gear over my head.

I think you know the rest. F8 and be there. Don’t get too wet, And hope…

Druids to the rescue.

By the way. I had a good shoot. I made about 325 pictures. About 40 made it through my first cull. You’ll see more when I wrap up parade season after Mardi Gras.

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