More Dogs

All dressed up.

More dogs. I bet you thought that I ran out. Nooooooo….

I photographed lotsa dogs. Dogs doing all sorts of things. But, given the circumstances, the thing they did best was be patient. It amazes me, sometimes, when dogs just completely roll with everything and turn very Zen. The humans among us could learn some lessons from this. Bigly lessons.

Hey! What about me?
Mister, mister, mister.

So. Today.

The krewes of Druid and Nyx roll at about 6pm in Uptown. According to Alexa, there is a 62% chance of rain at parade time. We can expect about 0.25 inches of rain. That isn’t terrible. That won’t cause flooding.

But, we will get wet.

The weather will get worse as we get closer to the weekend and Mardi Gras. The city has already said that all parades will roll on their day as scheduled. They have no choice. Aside from creating chaos within the krewes themselves, the NOPD is so short-staffed that they might not be able to keep us safe if parades were moved around by more than a couple of hours.

For those of us who have been around for a while, this is no big deal. We live in Southeastern Louisiana. We are approaching spring. The weather changes from hour to hour and we get a lot of rain.

But, now we live in the age of social media. Rumours and truth spread like wildfire. Well, mostly rumours and unsubstantiated news. Finding the truth is rare.

Here’s my suggestion for the rest of Mardi Gras parade season.

Decide if catching beads and trinkets is worth standing in the rain. If not, stay home or go to your favorite bar. Do whatever you normally do there. If you have come from far away to see our legendary Mardi Gras, by all means hit the streets. Locals too. Wear some kind of rain covering. Nothing heavy. The temperatures are starting to warm up. Even then, know you are going to get wet. Embrace it. That’s part of the fun.

You know. We do it for the stories we can tell. At least that’s what Jimmy Buffett says.

The pictures. You know. F8 and be there. Some small adjustments in post production. In terms of tactics for tonight. One camera. One lens. Not changing lenses protects the inside from rain. It protects me if a camera gets waterlogged. I have a couple of backups that don’t need to be on the street until they do.

One more thing. Spellcheck hates “Bigly.” But, but, but… Tweasel said.

Oh yeah, Tweasel is code for treasonous weasel. That is code for the orange man in The White House.


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