There is the Music

The tuba starts it.

Musical instruments. And, parades.

In New Orleans, the music is everything. Musicians play in clubs. They play on street corners. They play in high school marching bands. They play in small brass bands. They are a major part of any parade, big or small.

When a second line is getting ready to start, the tuba starts it. It is a big heavy instrument that replaces bass notes and is carried around for  five, six, seven or more miles. In Mardi Gras parades the distance is greater. Around 12 miles. But, those are walked by high school and college students. Their recovery time is less. Good. Because, they might do it again tomorrow. For second lines, the musicians vary in age, from the youngest, right out of high school, to veterans who have been walking the street for 40 years. Think about it. You are 50 years old. You are carrying a 40 pound instrument. And, you are walking five or six miles. Maybe more.

The picture. As you all know by now, I photograph what I see. I made this picture at The Krewe of Barkus well before the actual parade began. Often, the musicians lay down their gear and hang out with other musicians. As long as you don’t touch their resting instruments, they don’t care what you do. So I took pictures. I helped this one in post production with a little more golden color and glow.

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