The Band Walked On…

Rat, tat, tat, Boom, boom, bang.

One more picture from the Ladies & Men of Unity Second Line in Central City. That’s in New Orleans. Central City is the last bit of land above sea level that is still undeveloped or ungentrified. Note that phrase: last bit of land above sea level. There is plenty of land in the Lower 9th Ward. But, it’s well below sea level. The same can be found in other locations throughout the city. You might not want to live in any of those places in the not too distant future. You could be under water. Not good. For anybody.

That’s how this picture of a semi-decisive moment at a second line lead me to unrelated comments about the state of things. Like the Union. But, different.

For those of you who have been around, you already know that I do this. I might write about something unrelated to the photograph. This time, at least, I provided a bit of transition. A bit. A very little bit. I went from climate change to corruption. There’s a link there. The President, in his State of The Union said this, “beautiful clean coal.” There is no such thing… except in the minds of his good old boy cronies.

Let’s talk corruption.

Have you read the news today? Or, any day? Oh boy.

There is not a day that goes by when somebody isn’t accused of some kind of corruption, is fired over some kind of corruption, resigns from their job over corruption or is just outed for corruption. That includes the folks who have told the truth using #me too. The people that they outed are corrupt too. In a different way. The worst kind of corruption. Corruption of the spirit. Of the heart. Of the soul.

I believe that corruption is king. Right now. And, has been for a long, long time. It’s just gotten worse quickly. And, finally is being called out for what it is.

If you start at the highest level of leadership in The United States, corruption starts in The White House and works its way down to the lowest government employees. I could go on from there. But, there’s more. A lot more. Even though we see that a lot of entertainment-related leaders have been exposed for what they are, it appears that every business has some rot. Some rust.  Some dilapidation. Even young businesses like Uber.

I don’t know if people took leave of their senses (or morals) after the election of the current president, or not. They may have. He is the gateway to cheating at everything.


The roots of this are just too deep for one or two years of rot. It takes longer to institutionalize hard-core corruption than that. After all, how long were the young gymnasts abused? If you can even call it abuse. It’s worse. Far worse. How many years? How many of their organized groups turned a blind eye? Did not have their back? All of them.  I don’t care how many more heads roll in punishment, those young women’s lives were changed forever. Hopefully some will recover.

Oh. The answer to the question “how long? Twenty years.

Now look at every sport. Every industry. Even those typically called blue-collar like manufacturing and construction. All forms of entertainment. Even the arts and photography. The list is forever. Think about it. You’ll have nightmares. During the day.

Reckoning is upon is. If not this year, the next. The serious change will start in the government. With the mid-term elections in November. I don’t care what the speaker and vice president say about Republican Party unity, we the people are angry. Women are angry. No. Make that damn angry. People of color are angry. Those of us who see things very differently than the good old boys are angry.

One thing will lead to another. Ring out the old. Ring in the new. Ding dong. Ding dong.

Or, not. We seem to be willing to be lead around by our noses. We gotta stop that.

That’s it. I’m done. You can finish the blog for me. 🙂


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