Cuttin’ Up

Dance, dance, dance.

See them dance. See them dance dressed in red. Passing by on the street. It’s a pretty dramatic sight.

Sometimes it’s a little hard to photograph. My way. You can do it easily with a longish lens. I can’t seem to do anything the easy way. I had to use that 10mm – 18mm lens at the so-called long side. 18 millimeters. Pretty wide. And, I like to fill the frame. I also like to work within the ropes if I can.

Think about my position in relationship to all of these walking women. Yeah. Exactly. Think about my health and agility issues. Yeah. Exactly.


When the brass band starts playing, I start swaying. Pretty soon I feel no pain. Somehow, someway, I get young again. Not for long. Just as long as I stay with the second line. That’s good enough. For me. Today.

New Orleans seems magic to people who don’t live here. Our ways and rituals are a little different from the rest of the country’s way. Maybe, from the rest of the world’s.

I was asked about second lines. What are they? What does the word mean?

Basically, a parade. You have the main line. That’s where the krewes, social clubs and bands walk. Anybody who is directly involved. They lead the parade. Sometimes it’s lead by the king and queen riding in a convertible. Sometimes, there are floats. Then, the second line follows that. That’s everybody who wants to participate. They just join the back of the parade as it passes by. Or, drift in from the side. Then, there are people like me. Mostly photographers and videographers. Informally, we are called backsteppers. I’m sure that you can figure out why. Somebody once tried to organize us. This is New Orleans. You can’t organize nuthin’. Now, there is somebody who wants to organize street photographers. It seems that their goal is to organize a group show about New Orleans at night.

There’s that word again. Organize.

It may happen. There are plenty of small galleries downtown. That means it’ll be a kind of hipsterish thing. It’s supposed to happen this month. We’ll see.

The picture. The basic picture is F8 and shoot. I’ve been experimenting with adding some of the post production that I do with my more artistic works.  I can tell you right now, as anybody who was there knows, there were no clouds in the sky. The light was flat. The skies were overcast and very flat. I tinkered with everything. There you go.


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