And, so.

It begins.  With Krewe du Vieux. The adults parade. Every Mardi Gras parade has a theme. This one is no different. Bienville’s 300th Wet Dream. They attacked everybody this year,  from the mayor — an obvious choice — to John Besh, who was the first of the big name chefs that was taken down by #Me Too. Oh, are we are celebrating our 300th Anniversary. The city looks it. Especially the infrastructure. I’ll leave that rant for another day.

The pictures. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that for me sometimes the actual event is not the thing. Mostly, it’s the start of the parade that I like to work.  That’s where the interesting pictures happen. As musician Neil Young once said, “When things get too middle of the road, I head straight for the gutter where things are more interesting.” I’m not saying these pictures were made in the gutter. But, they were made in New Orleans. Oh. Nevermind.

Anyway. These pictures are just me photographing what I see. It’s funny. The real old school working photographers seem grumpy as hell when we do this work. We aren’t. We are just looking for pictures. Typically when we see each other we shake hands while we are in motion and ask if we are alright, and keep going.

I had a fairly good shoot. You’ll see more pictures throughout the week. I’m trying to give you three weeks of Mardi Gras. But, the next parades walk on Friday. There’s plenty of pictures from last night. And, there’s plenty of stuff to see in the city. I’ll do my best to show it to you.