S Whole Lotta Red

Story in red.

I thought this picture was about red. And, just how lucky I was to find color in the middle of a fairly drab and dreary winter.

It wasn’t until I started editing in post production that I saw what the picture is really about.


Look closely. Look at the red branches that connect one group of leaves to another. It’s subtle. But, that’s it. Yes. Everything in the picture that is red, is really red. Straight from nature.


There is a lot that I could say about connections but I won’t. At least not today since I’m sort of grasping at my thoughts.

Instead, there’s this. Most of my writing is done to music. I’m listening to new music today.

The album is called “All in My Mind.” By Dr. Lonnie Smith. This song is called “Ju Ju.”  It’s live. It sort of rambles around, like I am today. Take a listen.  https://youtu.be/JSMhUS8NnAs

In case you are wondering, I have no idea how to embed the more slick way to post a link. I don’t even know where to ask the question. I did once to someone who fancies herself to be a WordPress expert, writer, photographer, traveller, superstar, all-star and, and, and. She snarkily replied that I should Google it. Google what? I don’t really even know what to call what I would like to do. Could she please just instruct me? She said that she is a volunteer and works for free. Okay. Thanks for your help. And, I Googled her. Heh.

Well. That wasn’t a connection.

So, I muddle on. I’m not an expert. In anything. Even photography. There is always something to learn. An old friend of mine said that somebody should write a book about me. It would either be the world’s shortest book, or a comic book. Or, a short comic book.


I’m influenced by the music when I write. Not by the lyrics so much. By the melody. By whatever is hiding in the song itself.  That’s what happens almost every day that I write for a post on Storyteller. The music gets into my brain, swirls around and comes out in my words.

I’d actually like to write about connections. But, I can’t seem to form the coherent thoughts. Except to say, that I think they happen in real life when we have to look each other in the eye. That WordPress person would have actually done her job if we were sitting face to face in a coffee shop. My country would be in far better shape if that walking slab of brain damage in The White House didn’t tweet. If, for example, he had to say that Obama wasn’t born in The United States, to Obama’s face.

That’s why 99% of all photographs are cool. Good or bad (that’s an opinion, anyway) they have to be made in the real world. The photographer has to interact with something, someone or be some place. Even when I do heavy post production on a photograph and turn it into something that doesn’t resemble the original, I had to be some place to make a picture of something.

I suppose that’s a connection. Right?

Oh. I almost forgot. Do you know why Dr. Lonnie Smith is called doctor? No? He doesn’t have a degree. It’s because he does a lot of musical session work for other musicians. Whenever he is in the studio working on a song, he doctors it, usually making it better.

Ha! I suppose you could call me the tinkerer. Tinkerer Ray. The Geppetto of Storyteller.



  1. I really enjoy your photos and words, and the artistry of both! I just don’t often get time to comment. Regarding posting words that can be clicked to lead to a link, I think that’s done using HTML hyperlink codes. Years ago I googled some better information, and I actually made it work in the widgets section of my site, but I could never make it work in the posts themselves. Here’s the best info I can find today, although it’s none too clear and I’ve forgotten how I did it before, lol. https://www.wikihow.com/Add-a-Hyperlink-with-HTML

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much. Thanks for the link information. I can do that kind of link. If you click on what’s there you can reach the music. What I can’t do is embed it so that my written text holds the link and it doesn’t look a like a link.


  2. There are no roses, but something about this shot reminds me of the video for Nick Cave’s ‘Where the Wild Roses Grow’. Nice words, again. And thank you for introducing me to Lonnie Smith—bopping to the track as I type.


  3. Hi there Gepetto. I think your tinkering is a treat, really. 😀

    I’ll admit to being curious how your next show goes and the rest you wrote about that in a different post.

    I thought I might make it back for the last few days before Fat Tuesday since John and Pam are planning to drive there for about 3 or 4 days but I’m feeding the horses here as the guy who usually does is having surgery and can’t. 🐴🐎


  4. I appreciate the focus on connections here… So many people to reach over the internet but, like your example of the rude ‘expert’, it doesn’t always lead to positive connections. It can sometimes feel isolating.


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