Frozen Planet

Frozen and dead.

Nature’s way.

You know that I live in a semi-tropical place. You know that we aren’t built for freezing weather. I bet it never occurred to you that when tropical plants freeze they die. I didn’t ever occur to me until I started living here.

That’s not to say every plant dies in cold weather. After all, everything grows here. There are plenty of northern plants that do just fine. But, the local sub tropical plants?

Ohoooooo nooooooo.

First, they sort of collapse inward, on themselves. Then they turn brown. Then they shrivel. Then they are dead. The plants in the picture are in about the second phase. Eventually, if left to nature, they will pile up and turn into peat, which then will turn into carbon. With enough compression, they will turn into diamonds.  Of course, this pile of leaves and plants has to sink at least 90 miles beneath the earth’s crust. And, it takes at least a billion years for the process to complete itself.

This is no get rich quick scheme.

I never said that nature was fast, only that she always seeks stasis. And, always wins.

The picture. I saw it as I was walking past. Some folks have already trimmed the dead plants as close to the ground as they could. They’ve cleared the waste. If they are lucky, the root isn’t dead. By summer, you might see some small green shoots starting to pop up here and there.


The root died in the extreme cold. Eventually, someone will dig that up and replant. With luck and water, the new plant will grow. In a few years another deep freeze will come and… oh you get it.

It’s life itself. And, it’s always something.

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