What You See

Winter silhouette.

Winter Trees.

They seem dead. They look like skeletons. They add to the coldness of winter. They also suited yesterday’s mood.

I think most of us have recovered from the news of why Tom Petty died. I can’t speak for anybody else, but I’m feeling kind of empty. I suppose it’s the realization that all things must pass. Or, so said George Harrison, one of Petty’s band mates. And, a Beatle.

Of course they do. Still, I’ve never understood the way in which many things pass. Believe what you want. Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist. Or, anything else. That doesn’t answer the questions. Big ones. Like, why are we here? What are we meant to do?

Or, littler ones. Like, why do some of us suffer so much from some kind of physical pain or illness. After all, the physical side affects the mental and spiritual. The hopeful side of me says, “Well, I’ve paid every possible debt and I’ve done the best I can so I should just breeze through those pearly gates.” Now,  you know what I believe. Sort of. However, the cynical, and more realistic side of me says, “Yeah, right. It’s all pain. No payoff.”

I suppose the trick is to balance those two lines of thought, keep doing what you are doing, make as many amends as you can and do the best work possible.”

It’s that work thing that matters to me. You know, “The work is the prayer.” The thing I say when somebody needs a prayer. That’s how this picture got made. Rather than wallow in sadness, I went for a walk — albeit a short one — and made pictures. That was my prayer. For Petty. For his family. For me. For you. For people that I don’t know.

That’s the best I can do.

The picture. The sun was so bright in the viewfinder that I couldn’t actually see what I was photographing. So, I put the camera in the place that I thought would frame the subject pretty well and pushed the button. I think that I did alright. The tree could be positioned at little more to the right. But, it’s not terrible. A lot of work was done in post production, not because I wanted to improve the image, but because it did need some help.


  1. I’m lying around recovering from double knee replacement surgery so the subject of pain pops up every now and then for me too. Looking at that totally beautiful picture is a nice diversion.


  2. I am developing a blog for seniors; looking at your blog for inspiration. Pictures are great; prose is OK. But you have a style I can follow. Thanks.


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