A Little Pop

Red berries and art.

Winter is settling in. We might have wintry conditions today. That means a little snow or ice might fall from the sky. Having that happen every ten years or so is something. Having that happen twice in one year is really something. If that happens I’ll chase around for a bit. If not, well…. I just don’t know. The light has been pretty ugly for the past few days. I was lucky to make this picture. Even so, it took a lot of work to make it into a picture that I liked. And, I’m running out of fresh pictures.

I think in the photography world there is a lot of running in place going on. A lot of us are sort of stuck. It’s not a photographer’s block. We can take pictures. It’s something else. Sort of a tiredness. I see it here on WordPress. But, I see it in the real world. I’m not sure about the cause. It may come down to an old phrase.

This one. “All noise. No signal.”

There’s just too much. Too much of everything. I talked to a friend of mine who said that during the last second line he made about 3,000 frames. To be fair, it was a long, long second line. And, when you work with two camera bodies as we do, everything doubles. He’s also the real deal.

But, it seems like everybody is doing it. I see Facebook posts of 100 or 200 pictures from some event. Who can wade through that? Who cares enough to look at all that? Same thing when you Google something. Pages and pages of words… and data. It’s too much.

Think about that for a minute. Not just in terms of pictures. Instead, in terms of all the data being produced on a daily basis. On a weekly basis. Or, OMG, a monthly basis. You can’t read it and you can’t produce enough of your own work to make any sort of dent.

So. What to do? I have no idea. A lot of this new “stuff” really needs curation. Some needs to be eliminated. But, to what end? That’s really the question. And, then how much blowback will there be from those who believe in participation trophies?

The picture. I saw these little red berries on a bush. I don’t really know what they are. But, they were the only color I’d seen in days. The light was flat and gray. I made the best picture that I could on the scene. The rest was done in post production. I pushed and pushed and pushed. This picture is the result.

Oh. By the way. The real key to continued success for working photographers is distribution. Either in pictures. Or, of portfolio work so that people who make assignments can see your work. That means, OMG, self-curation.

One more thing. When you produce a ton of work — like my buddy’s 3,000 frames — it takes a lot of time to review them, to curate them, to edit them and to fine tune them. Then, of course, there are storage issues. Think about that.

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