Above the sun.

I saw this. Floating high above me. The sun was so bright that all I could do was point the lens in the general direction. And hope. Trying to frame or focus only blinded me.


Nature at her finest. She seeks balance and stasis. Don’t mess with her when those two conditions are her goal. Think about that for a minute. Think about the wild fires and now floods near Santa Barbara, California. Both are terrible events. I have friends who live there. Or, maybe “used” to live there. To my twisted thinking, that’s a perfect example of Mother Nature at work. Too many people. She sent a fire. Those people returned. She sent them mud and water.

I’m not being mean. Maybe it’s time for us to listen. To observe.  Rather than to believe we can master all things. Because. We can’t.

Thank you. There were a number of people on various social media and on that ancien thing — email — who expressed their sympathies for my musical losses. Thank you again. Apparently, my writing leaves much to be desired. I’ve always know that. Now, you do too.

I wasn’t writing to express sadness. I was writing to tell you about the one thing we forget after a period of sadness passes.

Time is short. Don’t waste it. Do whatever it is that you are passionate about. Make no excuses. Do not be denied.

Yes. We all gotta eat. Don’t be quitting your day job. Don’t stop caring for your family. But, use your free time wisely. Very wisely. And, expect the thing that drives you needs nurturing. In photography, for instance, a wise man once said ” Often getting there is the hardest part of taking a picture.” Got that?

The picture. Very cold here again. Often that shows up in bright skies as a kind of clarity. Of  course, the sun seems brighter too. It was. I couldn’t even see to focus or frame. I just pointed the camera and hoped. I made five frames. It was all luck.

If you happen to see the Netflix David Letterman shows, these week featuring the former president, pay attention to the closing minutes. Letterman says everything that he ever did that was good came from luck.

Think about that.


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