Winter Skies

The everything picture. At least for now.

I know that I wrote that I would get back to my old self. Second Lines. Brass Bands. Mardi Gras Indians. Mardi Gras, itself. And, I will.

Unfortunately, I caught the flu. The one that never goes away. No. I don’t feel terrible. And, my coughing seems to have cut back from all day to a few times an hour. But, I do tire easily. And, I get that stupid feeling right in the middle of my head.

Yes. I have a little medical supervision. My pharmacist, rather than my doctor. I reckon she’s seen this more, or at least, as much as he has. She says that at this point it just takes time. I can work. I can keep doing what I do. But, I have to be prepared to rest when I need to.

Here’s how that goes.

Yesterday, I woke up at about the normal time. I worked all morning. I took the “all-seeing dog” for her walk. I had lunch at about 1pm. I thought I would take some “executive time,” lay down and read for about an hour. I awoke at 4:20pm. It’s not lost time because I can work later. But, it is annoying. I’m not normally a mid-day sleeper.

I’m not photographing what I want to. I can only go so long and so far.


This is my everything picture. Bare trees. Power poles and lines. Winter sunset. It’s got all the usual elements. In one picture. It took a little post production. I wanted it to be warmer than the original. I wanted it to glow a little.

I’m just hoping I’m ready for Mardi Gras parade season. Whether I stay or go, I want to be at full strength. So, I’ll take it easier now.

Isn’t that a great way to start 2018?

All things happen for a reason. They say.


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