That wonderful low winter light.

Nature always teaches. At least, she teaches me.

This picture could have been nothing. The day was cold. Cloudy. No highlights. No shadows. No shape or form.


Just before dusk the clouds blew out and that wonderful low winter light fell upon the bare trees. I didn’t think. I didn’t pre-edit in the camera. I just took the picture. Good thing too. Two minutes later and the clouds at the northern edge of the picture blew in and the scene was gone. No. light. No shadow. No magic.

This is my lesson for today. For me. For you. It is prompted by my friend Hedy. We were talking in the comments about practicing and I wasn’t clear since she replied that worked for her because she is a visual learner. I am too. But, that’s not what I meant.

I was trying to talk about a Buddhist way of thinking. Do or not do. Wait, that’s Yoda’s thinking as in, “There is no try, there is only do or not do.” But, the Buddhist belief of living in the moment — which everybody seems to be talking about for 2018 — is what I mean.

This picture, for example, would not exist if I had thought about it. If I looked for the “perfect” angle. Tried to make the perfect exposure. I just pointed and pushed the button. That is what the old masters of street photography teach. “Clear your mind of all thought and just take the picture in front of you.”

THAT, takes practice. Not only in using your camera gear, but in clearing your head. Buddhism, baseball and photography… all the same to me.

Wait. What?

How did baseball creep in here? It’s an old story. When New York Yankee great, catcher Yogi Berra was in a hitting slump, his manager said to him, “Think, Yogi, think.” Yogi looked at him for a second and replied, “You want me to think and hit a baseball?”

There you have it.


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