Dancing in the streets.

Why can’t it be both?

Documentation. Artist Experimentation.

There is really no reason that it can’t be. So, that’s what I did. I overexposed the file in the field. When I brought it back in the studio I started tinkering with it. It took a while since my first instinct was to fix the over exposure. That wasn’t my intent. I had to forget about making it right. Instead I had to take it further. I made it hotter. Blurred it more. Added a kind of motion. Added more color to the warm tones.


I made this picture. I’m still not sure. Being intentionally destructive is not in my nature. I think I’ll do it again. But, I think I’ll pop a little strobe in the scene, set about as far as I can go without adding extra light. It will give the subject’s face a little more shape. I just hate to make the work too complicated. After all, this is a kind of street photography. Less gear is usually more.

In case you are wondering.

The lens is a 10-20 mm. I used it at about 20 mm, which makes it “see” at 15 mm. I set it at 5.6 and 250th of a second, with a 2/3 of a stop over exposure. That’s it.