Part Two. The Art of Things.

Worlds away.

The second phase.

Since my body hurt, I decided to stimulate my mind. I started experimenting with layering. And, blending. Mixing. Matching. Aside from making the original image — the base layer, I called it — everything was assembled in the computer. Or, iPhone. Or, iPad. These pictures are, in effect, digital art. Digital art without all the faux painting and semi-artistic layering named for famous artists. Work that used digital tools rather than old school tools like brushes and paint. Just the next step. After all, photography is driven by technology. Why shouldn’t different genres of art?

A lot of you liked these images. Some of you suggested that I do a gallery show. I was never all that sure about them. Somehow, to me, they felt contrived. They didn’t feel real enough. Given your responses for yesterdays collection, I might be right. But, the more that I live with them the better they look to me. I guess one of my old editing rules is coming into play. Let the pictures marinate. Give yourself some time between taking a picture and culling and editing it.

And, I was offered a gallery show.

One more flowery portrait.

Next. What the dog saw. Or, stuff I saw on the ground and what I did with it.


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