In Three Parts

All happiness.

A look back. At my photographic year. It was a strange one. It is divided into three very clear segments.


Three days of pictures of the year. 12 pictures each day. My year.

My year started out normally enough. I made pictures of the usual things. Second lines. Mardi Gras Indians. Mardi Gras, itself. And, the city…. falling apart.

Then, life got in the way. My legs and back started to hurt. A lot. I wasn’t as mobile. I had to plan how to actually work in the street. Eventually, it got to the place where I didn’t trust myself on our pot holed and broken streets.


I had some x-rays made. Not only was my old hip replacement giving me problems, but I have osteoarthritis in four vertebrae. And, this little notch in my spine. Once I figured out the proper balance of pain meds to my actual pain I was able to gain more mobility. I’m not back to normal. I never will be. But, trust in myself has returned. I know the strategy. And, the tactics.

That took the better part of a year. Well, nine months to be more exact. Because I’m built to make pictures, I did. Many of you saw the results of those nine months. I’ll show you some of that work during the next two days. One portfolio is about art and experiments. The other is loosely called, “what the dog saw.”

The future… (see below the next picture)


Even though I claim to be retired from the streets, I do miss it. I hope to photograph some of the culture around here. It is New Orleans’ tri-centennial year with lots of events and celebrations. I’ve already had a few pictures published in the main 300 year book project and show. I’d like to photograph some of the year’s events.

We’ll see.

You already know about the changes here, in my archives and at my rebuilt website. There’s more. There’s some travel. And, there’s other side projects, assignments and commissions. I may not be able to complete the things that I’ve planned. That’s why I don’t make New Year resolutions. Nobody should.

Tomorrow. Layering, experimentation and art.


      1. I know what pot holes look like. They look like the mayor and city council. And, the garbage company owner wearing a man bun who wants to run the city. Oh wait, that may be another kind of hole.

        I suppose if I get my spine fused like two friends of mine did, I can start making pictures like these again in just about 14 months. Interestingly enough, not one of them was shot in the Quarter.

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  1. The 300-year book project sounds exciting. I can’t think of an American city with more color or ability to fascinate than New Orleans. I haven’t visited in more than a decade, but when I see your photos I know that I must return. I’m glad you’re finding a way to keep active in your art despite the painful obstacles!


    1. It’s our 300th Anniversary, so there are books and events and all sorts of celebrations. I’m in one book and a show. I’m also producing another book for the PRC (our main historical group). Thanks for your kind words. Come back, we’ll look after you.


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