Trees, leaves and light.

Before I write much further. The day is almost upon us.


Merry Christmas.

To everyone. To those who are of a different religious or cultural beliefs, or have none at all. It’s a holiday that I celebrate, so I wish good on all of you. After all, either everybody matters or nobody matters.

This Christmas will be sort of low-key. Everybody is sick. Not with anything major. Colds. Flu. Like that. I had a pretty bad case of the flu last Saturday, seemingly returned to health and guess what? Sick again, with what feels more like a cold. And, so it goes.

No matter. Just like we say about gifts — when they are the wrong color, don’t fit or never would we have thought of owning such a thing — it’s the thought that counts. I may lose the thing I like to photograph most. The bonfires on the levee at Lutcher. The bonfires that are lit to guide Papa Noel downriver to New Orleans. I really like going there. But, I doubt I can walk around and up and down the levee. Even as it is, I took the dog who sees stuff for a walk. It’s about 50 degrees outside. I came home hot and sweaty. You know… that stage of a cold where your body thinks it’s working overtime.

The picture. The trees are reflected in a car windshield. The leaves are plastered to it because they are very wet. I exposed for the highlights and added another plus 1/3 of a stop (ooooh — photo nerd talk) to make the picture be high key. The rest was pretty simple in development and slight post production.

Once again, Merry Christmas.

And soon, to all a good night.




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