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Trees, leaves and light.

Before I write much further. The day is almost upon us.


Merry Christmas.

To everyone. To those who are of a different religious or cultural beliefs, or have none at all. It’s a holiday that I celebrate, so I wish good on all of you. After all, either everybody matters or nobody matters.

This Christmas will be sort of low-key. Everybody is sick. Not with anything major. Colds. Flu. Like that. I had a pretty bad case of the flu last Saturday, seemingly returned to health and guess what? Sick again, with what feels more like a cold. And, so it goes.

No matter. Just like we say about gifts — when they are the wrong color, don’t fit or never would we have thought of owning such a thing — it’s the thought that counts. I may lose the thing I like to photograph most. The bonfires on the levee at Lutcher. The bonfires that are lit to guide Papa Noel downriver to New Orleans. I really like going there. But, I doubt I can walk around and up and down the levee. Even as it is, I took the dog who sees stuff for a walk. It’s about 50 degrees outside. I came home hot and sweaty. You know… that stage of a cold where your body thinks it’s working overtime.

The picture. The trees are reflected in a car windshield. The leaves are plastered to it because they are very wet. I exposed for the highlights and added another plus 1/3 of a stop (ooooh — photo nerd talk) to make the picture be high key. The rest was pretty simple in development and slight post production.

Once again, Merry Christmas.

And soon, to all a good night.





  1. Every body matters but does matter matter? Regardless have a wonderful evening Ray sending healing vibes and cheers 💫☺️ have a good rest 😴 hugs from snowy etown ❄️🤗

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    • It’s above my pay grade, but it seems that it depends on why and when. It’s just flu and colds. But, everybody is sick. Rather than gifts we are sharing our illnesses. 🤦‍♂️

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