It All Comes Down To This

The final resting place.

Down the drain. That’s where it goes.

Unless. Somebody scoops them up. It’s doesn’t matter who. If the city does it, they put the leaves in plastic trash bags. And, take the load to the landfill. If a private citizen does it, they put them in plastic bags. On the street. Where they are picked up by guys who are contracted to pick them up and take them to the landfill.

That seems to make sense. Right? Noooooooo.

All this wasted effort for leaves. A thing in nature. You know, the nature. That one.  Mother Nature. The one who will not be denied.


I’m not sure what I’d do. But, it seems that letting them naturally degrade they would turn into mulch. And, use it on your flowers and veggies next year. I’m not suggesting that you leave them in the streets, pile them up along a fence. Let nature do it. Her way.

See what I got out of that picture? You probably see it differently. That’s good. I’m pretty sure you will start wondering about me. Thinking about calling in…

The picture. Easy. Take the picture. Process the picture. Throw in some secret sauce. Show it around. Have fun.



  1. Here in The Twin Cities MN people collect their leaves and on the Minneapolis side the city will pick them up to compost
    Here on the St. Paul side, we have yard waste site we can take our leaves to. Next year there is compost available to use in your yard/Garden at these sites. It results in quite a sight at the peak of fall…I do leaf clean up for people and frequent the sites. Well worth the money spent by the county


  2. We actually do collect the leaves, sometimes even the neighbor’s and then spread them on our flower and veggie gardens. Spread them now and they become mulched and keep down the weeds, in our case Buttercups, It is a good use of leaves.


    1. Thank you. Even though I’m sick, the dogs still want to walk so I took the same picture today. Sheesh. If you stop by tomorrow you’ll meet one of the dogs. The one to whom I belong. She’s wearing her camouflage coat. You’ll see..

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