At a Distance

Looking forward.

I know what I said. I meant it.

But, it seems that I kind of like posting here. After six years of doing it daily, its workflow fits nicely into my daily workflow.  That said, I’m still moving into my planned direction. It does not appear that I can link Storyteller directly to LaaskowitzPictures. But, I can still send you emails and links to my social media.

All good.

Also is up and running. But, before you go there, let me just say that it’s rough. Many pictures need to be resized. My contact page is still lacking my client and gallery list. I am still reviewing my files because I know some signature pictures are missing. And, my lead picture is cropped at the head. More adjusting. Always adjusting.

Oh. And projects. That’s a placeholder picture. It’s not mine. I have no idea what kind of project that I want to do for 2018. I’m all ears.

One of the best things about the basic look is that it’s designed to be scrolled, which is how a large group of users will see them… on their portable devices.

I still have some business decisions to make. I can upgrade a little more and add direct sales, another email and all kinds of professional accounting tools. That would mean a lot of extra work on my end. I’d have to build full stock libraries and all the background work that it implies. That would mean converting most of my business to here from my various agencies.

It will also give me a new email address using Google. Oddly, since I already use it, I cannot transfer it to the new website. I can have a new address. But, what would be the point of that? has been around for 20 years.

Ah. Decisions. Choices.

The picture. In our ten minutes of semi-sun I saw it. A compression shot. A picture where the branches are so stacked up that they look like a very dense forest. Trust me. A picture can lie. It’s not so dense. And, it’s not really a forest. It’s just two rows of trees on the curb.



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