Building Blocks

Zen balance.

Balance. It’s an art.

It’s a kind of wabi sabi. A zen thing. It’s a little imperfect. It’s a kind of natural thing. Like this picture.

This image has a point and a counter point. Sort of. The point is the red fall leaf. It’s not exactly in the right place. The counterpoint is the almost square shape. The only reason that it comes close to being square is that it runs into the frame of the image. I could have moved the leaf to put it in the right place. I could have reframed the picture to move the square.


You don’t know what’s behind the square. And, in this day and age of no rules, I have a rule. I never move anything when the picture finds me. The leaf stays where it is. That’s it. That’s my rule. I created it. You can follow it too. Or, not.

There are other rules. For instance, “The rule of thirds.” Many new photographers scream — yes scream — you can’t make me follow rules. I’m not following rules. Oh really? The minute you place a subject in a certain place to make it look attractive, you just followed a rule. Whether you know it or not. After all, the rule of thirds is simply a mathematical equation to express something that happens in nature. Naturally.

Why talk about this now? Every year or so, this pops up on various social media. Seems it’s that time again. Sheesh. Settle down. Learn a few rules. So that you can break them. Intelligently.

The picture. Well… the proof is in the post production. This picture is art. My art. I made the base image knowing what I would do with it. To a point. It started with the background. I like old cement as a background. It’s sort of 18% gray which is the gold standard in the film days and now. Get that right and you can do anything. I also like working in low flat light. You can pretty much do what you want in post production.

Oh. It really does seem that somehow I slipped into the picture a day thing. I made this about 5pm yesterday. You’ll see it by around noon. My time. 19 hours later. That ain’t bad.


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