Picture A Day

Magenta dusk.

I used to photograph a year-long project called picture a day. Or, PAD for short. The idea is to make a picture every day. There are a couple of ways to do this. One is to shoot just only one picture while taking your time to find the right angle, framing and light. The other is to work the scene, taking as many picture as it takes to find the picture. I chose the later, because that’s my normal working style.

I started for one year. In 2006. I used my birthday as the start date. I did it for four more years. It was sort of a personal test. When other photographers would ask me about it, I would recommend it as a way of learning about yourself, and as a way of learning photography. I used to say that it’s fairly easy to work if you have an assignment, or if you travel, or if one day you feel like taking pictures. It’s much harder to pick up a camera and do it every day.

I haven’t thought much about those five years. Most of the work is unseen by — well, really — anybody. Although blogging was in full swing, I didn’t step into it until about 2010. Even when I did, my blogging was sporadic at best. And, it was on eBlogger which is fairly limiting, but easy to use.

I could show that work here, on Storyteller. But, I’m really trying to move forward, not back.

Besides, it seems like I’ve unintentionally started doing it again. If a picture finds me during the day. I take it. I do my usual post production trickery. And, I publish it the next day. I think this started about two weeks ago. This current work is quiet and not personal as the five year body of work, but it’s a little more artistically sound. I’m not promising anything because I can be pretty random and spontaneous. But, let’s see what happens.


This picture was obviously made at the end of a day. I hadn’t made a picture during the day. The contrails and magenta sky was staring me in the face so how could I not push the button? The rest, including the crop, happened in the digital darkroom.



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