Now It’s Time

Christmas balls everywhere.

Now it’s Christmastime.

I found this picture.  Actually, the dog who sees things found it. My head was wrapped in thought. Or, fog.

I walked right by it. The dog saw the shiny object and had to investigate. Good thing too. I had a back up picture for today, but it is plan B and all that it implies. How last-minute is this picture? I’m writing this at 11:40 am Central Standard Time. I according to my phone, I took it at 10:48 CST.

The dog saved me yet again.

So. What was I thinking about?

Going forward, I suppose it could be called. If this messed up Republican budget plan gets passed, it strips away a lot of deductions that are normally there for artists. Artists of all stripes. Photographers. Painters. Musicians. Designers. The list is endless. Somehow, I just know that it’s going to stretch into entire industries. This is going to hurt all of us. Then, there is the next step. Tax revenues are bound to fall. The current crop of Republicans will use that as a trigger to cut Social Security benefits and Medicare. I’ve paid all my life into those accounts. Now they are going to try to claim that I can’t have that. Hmmm…

I wrote, yesterday, that my real home is Long Beach, California. I may visit there, but if this budget and thinking goes forward, I’m pretty sure I’ll never live there again. I’ll probably pass through the Pearly Gates (I hope)  from some place like Costa Rica, or Peru. Or Hong Kong, or Thailand. That sounds exciting. But, those places aren’t home. And, as you know, I have really mixed thoughts about New Orleans. And, Brooklyn.

The picture. Oh that. 🙂 See it. Press the button. Do a little post production to make it pretty. And, stuff.


  1. Loved this post. I’m not all that familiar with the tax plan. I’ve been afraid to look. I’m often thinking about where Home is. Emotionally it’s Phoenix. My folks and my sister’s family are there. I can’t live there, though. It comes down mainly to the heat, but I also need walkable cities or towns. There’s a part of me that always craves the establishment of roots, but I have nomadic instincts that drown that out.

    I don’t remember the country ever being this divided. I’m sure it has been, and it just wasn’t in our face constantly, what with twitter (killing us…and yes I’m on it) and the frenzied, constantly yelling news cycle. I’m considering moving back overseas. I’m not naive. They have their issues, too, and this nationalism fever is prevalent in many areas. But there’s something to be said for not speaking the local language so fluently that you hear everything.

    I’ll have to search through your posts to hear your thoughts on New Orleans and Brooklyn. I love hearing people talk about places. I’ve only been to New Orleans once, and I loved it, but it’s one of those places you know instantly would be much different as a resident. I wish I could remember the club I went to. My sister’s friend was dating a guy who wrote about music for one of the local papers. Took us to a famous place, near the Garden District I think. I’ll look it up.

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    1. Thank you. I don’t know much about the tax plan. That’s the problem. Nobody does. It was written on the fly. I only know a few parts as they pertain to people who do what we do. I write off a lot of things in order to do my job. Those write offs are gone, unless I own a private plane. Which I don’t.

      I’m pretty sure that in order to make up for the lost tax revenue, the next plan will be to attack social security and medicare. I paid into those accounts for years. That’s my money that they’ll be taking.

      It was this divided during the Vietnam Era. But, this is worse. It’s purely ideological. It’s really not driven by any cause except anger. And, the people who are the angriest are betting against themselves.

      We’ll probably move back to Asia if this continues. I lived in Hong Kong for six years so I have an idea of what it is about. HK has grown too expensive now, but there are other Asian places that I know pretty well.

      I think you probably mean Tipitina’s. Big old barn like place on a corner. We live further into the Garden District, closer to St. Charles Avenue. If you can see NOLA through a tourist’s eyes, it’s great. Even for residents, it has its magical times. But, as I’ve written we have sky high crime, the world’s worst urban streets, broken water pumping stations and so on. And, we are located in a place that seems to attract tropical storms and hurricanes.

      Social media… it’s a place where people say nonsense that they would never say to your face. And, that’s the problem. They sit behind a screen and rant about almost everything.

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