All in one day.

It arrived. Winter. All in one day.

Yesterday, the high temperature was somewhere between 79 and 82 degrees, depending on which weather service or local media you believe.


42 degrees when I woke up. 44 degrees when the amended dog walk took place. She’s not stupid. She’s a New Orleans kind of dog. Warm weather is what she likes. Normally in the morning, we walk around a mile and a half. No way. Not today. Around 500 plus steps. I know that because my Fitbit told me.

For us, this is cold. Remember, just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean the humidity goes away. Combine cold air with humidity and 42 degrees feels like 32 degrees. It’s the reverse of summer, when the air temperature is 90 degrees with 90% humidity and it feels like 110 degrees.

This weather is predicted to stay. As the rest of the week rolls on, the temperatures will drop even more. There is an event I want to photograph tonight. It lasts for a couple of days. It’s called Luna Fest. Gallier Hall is lighted with images. It’s beautiful. I missed it last time because I didn’t know what it was. Now that I know… well, you know. I can’t keep away.


This picture. A very short storm rolled in a few days ago. It was a prelude to today. I started seeing what was left of the leaves stuck to everything. These particular leaves are piled up on a windshield wiper. I especially liked what I saw because so many trees are reflected in the background. Those trees are a mix of pine and Texas live oak. One never loses its bristles. The other doesn’t shed its leaves until spring. This picture didn’t need a lot of post production. Mostly I darkened, brightened and sharpened it a little bit. I’m of the belief that every picture needs at least that. Or, something close to that.