Another Thing

Sunlight, reflections and leaves.

Morning walks. When the light is low. When things turn a little magical.

That’s the prose. Here’s what really happened.

We had a little rain followed by a fairly strong breeze a couple of days ago. Any leaves that were hanging on for dear life were knocked down by the combination of water and wind. There were leaves everywhere. If they fell onto a car, they stuck to it. I had a great time photographing leaves, water, cars, reflections and so on. I even appear in a couple of the pictures.  As I was editing them, I saw for the first time in the clear light of day, just how old I look. Uuuuugh.

You’ll see more of my take as the week rolls on. You may or may not see me. I’ll think on it.

The picture. I just stuck the phone down on one end of the car’s trunk and took the picture. The glow and mystery were added later in post production. I know people try to make the case that everything should come out of the camera as it was photographed. I won’t go into all the justifications for why that is wrong, except to say that it is wrong and very creatively limiting.



      1. well 4 is just a little fresh Ray…we are at -2 so same same 😉 your image has the feeling of looming…which can be vague or large or threatening….maybe it’s a song…of how light gets in 😀 you know ^_^ stay cozy sending you joy and smiles ~ hedy 😀

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      2. Well, that thing I wanted to photograph tonight is postponed because… it’s gonna snow. First time in 7 years. I’ll be out if it really happens. We overreact to this sort of weather every time.

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      3. That’s the problem. They take over the bed. When you really need them, they leave. Today, the high is 49 — like right now — as the day progresses, the temp drops to the mid 30s. I don’t have enough clothes for this… sheesh.

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      4. I’m like Jimmy Buffett. I go to work in t-shirts and shorts. I’d have to wear most of my stuff to dress in layers. I’d look like a street person. Oh wait, I already do. Those dogs leave the bed just when you need the, most… just as well, when a little cocker spaniel stretches across the bed, she takes up 2/3rds of it.


    1. That’s true. But, when we talk about stills there is still a big debate. I never listen though. 🙂 After all, the one photographer who probably everybody knows — Ansel Adams — created an entire system to make his pictures be what he wanted them to be.

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      1. I’d heard of him, not too familiar. (I prefefer Weston!) 😉
        After all, the dark room of yesterday allowed much liberty: framing, exposure, solarizing, etc. So, again, nothing wrong with post production. 🙂

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      2. Try again. It was invented by Niépce in 1826, who partnered with Daguerre later. But, that’s not the discussion. He was happy to get any image on a piece of metal. We are talking about creating a system of creating a picture that you want.


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