A Little Deeper

Deeper, and deeper, and deeper.

He said, “I’m going to drain the swamp.”

Like just about everything else, he lied. Sometime in the early morning the swamp creatures voted to hurt just about every normal human in the country. Oh sure, corporate big business gets a break. And, the tip-top of the so-called 1%.  You know the ones. The ones who leave off of stock earnings, fly private and don’t produce a damn thing. Luckily, they can write off their private jet expenses.

They voted to do this without even allowing anybody to actually read the tax bill. How bad would it have been to take the weekend to read what this monstrosity contains? It would have been very bad. That’s how bad. Everyone would have realized just how bad this so-called tax reform bill really is… bad, bad, bad.

I’m looking at two choices once we see what’s in this bill, and how it will change as it passes through the house and senate. I can either plan on working until I die. Or, retire right now. And, basically say, the hell with it.

That’s my morning. I hope your’s is better.

The picture. Well, it really isn’t a swamp. It’s some fern along a pathway. I just stuck the camera — er, smart phone — into the leaves. It helped to make a fairly flat scene a little more 3-D. There is some post production working going on. No more than the usual.



  1. Amendments were being hand-written on that travesty of a bill right up until the party line vote, 51-49, took place at 1:51 AM Eastern time. The reconciliation process still has to happen, but the bottom line is that everyone who is not part of the ultra-wealthy has been screwed. I can’t help wondering when the people who voted for this couillon will wake up and realize they’ve been duped. :-/

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  2. Same her in the UK. The Budget is always a robbing one hand to pay the other. The Government talks about reforms but nothing happens. Whilst big corporates raise the living costs more and more, any token tax rebate handout is swallowed. With the banks and insurance companies now controlling England, everyone will be working till they drop!

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