Rain drops, leaves and a black car.

Yesterday was a big day.

Oh, in the grand scheme of news it pretty much went unnoticed. After all, we are about to be decimated by a new tax scheme (I use that word intentionally), we are on the very edge of a nuclear war, the man known as the president is not only corrupt, but he’s crazy. That was just the morning news.

Yesterday was the last day of the 2017 hurricane season.

I’m not going to say that hurricanes didn’t hurt a lot of people this year. The entire Caribbean region was pummeled. Florida was hurt. Houston was deluged. And, Puerto Rico has yet to even come close to recovering. That matters a lot, but we in Southeast Louisiana skated through with just a touch of one big storm which turned out not to be so big. And, yes, parts of New Orleans were flooded by a big storm. The flood was man-made and due to stupidity, indifference, malfeasance and corruption.

For the last day of hurricane season in the irony of ironies, we had rain after about a month of dryness. It wasn’t much. It ended by mid-afternoon. But, the humidity was through the roof. How humid was it? Well, the dog who finds things came in after her evening walk with her coat soaked and she hadn’t even poked around under wet bushes. That’s wet air.

The picture. The caption tells you what it is. As usual, I just saw it and took the picture. I brought the overall picture down and added a little color. That took all of about ten minutes. The app is Snapseed. I’ve talked about it enough for you to know what it is. But, I haven’t said this. It’s a pretty good post production tool, unlike the things you find on Instagram which are no more than filters. I know how popular Instagram is, but I’m getting a little down on it as I am with all social media. That’s a whole other story.


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