The third portfolio. What the dog saw. She sees a lot. She investigates a lot. She takes me on long walks. Even when I don’t feel like it. That’s good. For both of us. She keeps my hurting parts moving, which according to that silly television commercial “a body in motion stays in motion.”  Something […]

The second phase. Since my body hurt, I decided to stimulate my mind. I started experimenting with layering. And, blending. Mixing. Matching. Aside from making the original image — the base layer, I called it — everything was assembled in the computer. Or, iPhone. Or, iPad. These pictures are, in effect, digital art. Digital art […]

A look back. At my photographic year. It was a strange one. It is divided into three very clear segments. So. Three days of pictures of the year. 12 pictures each day. My year. My year started out normally enough. I made pictures of the usual things. Second lines. Mardi Gras Indians. Mardi Gras, itself. […]

You know how Christmas ends, right? You start the celebrating on Christmas Eve. Maybe you attend some kind of religious celebration. Maybe you eat a Christmas Eve meal. Maybe you wait until midnight to open your presents. Or, you wait until morning. By about noon, all the presents have been opened. Some have already been […]

She’s very cute and she knows it. This is the dog who leads me to pictures. She’s wearing her fall season camo coat so that she can lurk in the leaves. She also needs a grooming. She really dislikes that. Luckily for her, her favorite groomer is on maternity leave. So, we wait until mid-January […]

Before I write much further. The day is almost upon us. So. Merry Christmas. To everyone. To those who are of a different religious or cultural beliefs, or have none at all. It’s a holiday that I celebrate, so I wish good on all of you. After all, either everybody matters or nobody matters. This […]

Yes. Very. Green. On the first day of winter. I keep saying that our winters aren’t like the winters people experience in the north. The weather is different for y’all. Even when you cross the Causeway to the Northshore the weather cools down and acts a little — well, wintry. After a couple of days […]

I know what I said. I meant it. But, it seems that I kind of like posting here. After six years of doing it daily, its workflow fits nicely into my daily workflow.  That said, I’m still moving into my planned direction. It does not appear that I can link Storyteller directly to LaaskowitzPictures. But, […]