Fall glow.

A simple picture. It surprised me when I did my usual post production tricks. It just popped. The original file is actually kid of drab. Sometimes, photographer’s luck takes over.


Luck is the kind of thing that you prepare for. You practice. And practice. And practice. Then, when the picture, or event, or performance takes you, you are ready for it. That’s what Storyteller is really about. Experimentation. And, practice. So, when I work for one of my clients I can incorporate whatever I’ve learned into a seemless shoot. It keeps my wheels greased so that I don’t have to think so much. Because, for me, that’s where my best pictures are made. I just react. I don’t think. All the rest is inside of me. I’ve learned that over the years. It’s a long and hard lesson. It can’t be rushed. It just comes as you work. It’s well worth it.

The picture. Another picture that I made on the way to someplace else. I saw it and reacted. What I liked was the stacked look and feel. The picture was hiding in there, somewhere. Luckily I found it using Snapseed. Quickly. Easily. That happens when the picture is right.



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