Something like spring.


You know. You say “toe-may-toe.” I say, “tom-mah-toe.”

I made this picture yesterday. During our fall season. Looks about like spring anywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s that second growing season of ours. Stuff blooms. There are new buds.  Spring fruits and veggies start emerging from the earth.

It’s just like that.

As I said, this is a very new image. I did a little magic, a twist and a spin to make it look a little more like painted art, which is how I saw it. But, the original really didn’t need help. It looked pretty good right out of the camera, er, smart phone. You know how that goes with me.

I might show you one more version tomorrow when it’s all hands on deck to cook stuff. I’ll take the easy way out on Storyteller.  Heh!


  1. Over here, in the Netherlands, nature is asleep. Trees are leafless, the soil is dark and wet, everything is waiting for winter – if it comes, one never knows – dozing like a tired dog next to the fire place. We do have toe-mah-toes. Unlike during my youth they provided tomatoes with wings and taught them how to fly. (And they build large glass houses where they can grow undisturbed by details like temperature and water) And they miraculously land in our supermarkets every day again, together with lettuce, peppers and every vegetable imaginable. Mankind conquered seasons.

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