Falling in the water.

This is where Fall goes. Into a little stream-like thing, which eventually takes it to a pipe and either into the lake or into the river. No worries. It’s the nature of things.


When I started processing this picture, I realized what I had. A map. Of someplace unknown. Look at it. A river sort of works its way through two land masses. Maybe, the plains and the forest. That’s how my mind works. You may see something entirely different. Some of you see images of people or recognizable things other than what’s in the picture.

That’s the magic of photography. Often, you see what you want to see.

This picture was made very simply. I saw it and I pressed the button. Funny thing about it. When I started to download it in order to finish it, I took a look at the total image size. 12 mega pixels. That’s something because the picture came from an iPhone. Do you realize that when I first transitioned to digital cameras, I owned the 3 mega pixel DSLR followed by a 6 mega pixel camera. True enough. The pixels were larger, which meant they could capture more light. But, with all the digital stuff buried in a smart phone I’m pretty sure that the quality — when measured apples to apples — like an 8 x 10 print, looks about the same.

Does that mean that I’ll switch to all iPhone work?

Ooooooh. Noooooo. My current cameras make 24 and 36 megapixel files. I’m thinking about a camera that produces 48 megapixel files, which may be overkill for what I do.

Anyway, that’s Monday morning thinking. Could change by lunch.

One more thing. Once again WordPress came through to mess with me. See my copyright notice? See what’s missing? This… ©. The way to make that symbol on a phone or pad is to use an emoji. WordPress disallows that now. Thanks for your help.