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Friday Follies

Mystery season.

I couldn’t resist.

I saw this picture in a really cool cloudy sky. So, I made it. Then, I made it some more in post production. Something like that, anyway. Even though I’ve been drawn to working with my “real” cameras lately, I did this all on my iPhone.


I downloaded and installed the new Apple OS on my main machine. Usually, that can be a painful experience. Not this time. Easy Peasy. But, there are quirks. And, I wanted to be prepared for them. Even opening up WordPress for the first time took three tries. The first time brought me to the basic design tree. The second time took me to a page something like this, but without any left column controls. The third time… joy.

No problem. I knew that might happen. That’s a little thing. Apple and my apps have to find each other and shake hands as they used to say. Me? I ‘d rather be safe than struggling to make my own self-imposed deadline. That’s the photographer in me. Or, the boy scout. Always be prepared.

So. The picture. A dog walk picture in my neighborhood. I’m still a little restricted. And, of course, with the cool weather the dogs are crazy. We have normal walking routes. They are something that the dogs can do and that I can do right now. In and hot humid weather, they are fine with that.

Today, we went for two walks in one. We got to the end of one route which is home, and they thought it would be a good idea to turn before the gate and walk a second route. That hurt a little bit. When we got home the second time, I went inside and they stayed in the yard. They aren’t wasting this cool, dry weather.


The clouds were really nicely structured so I made the picture. It was really cluttered — that’s not like me — so I cropped and shaped it — and then went to town on it. A little of this. A lot of that. And, some of the other. Or, as we say around here, “dis, dat and de udder.” By the way, the text was made using Snapseed. Even the copyright symbol. I’ve never figured out how to make one on an iPhone keyboard. Probably most people know this, but it struck me like thunder. Just go to the emojis. It’s right there in symbols. Doh!




  1. I am intrigued with your processing elements. I am definitely not making the most of my iPhone! 🙂 I love the mysterious quality of this photo. You named it perfectly!


    • Thank you. This was made with two apps — Snapseed, which is free. And, Stackables, which cost $1.99. BTW, I had no idea how to reply to your post. I’m not sure about being remembered.


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