Fall Leaves Another Way

Fall leaves on the fence.


That’s what this latest style of digital painting is about. Unguarded and undirected evolution. I’ve had some very positive comments about some of these pictures, which has encouraged me to go forward. Even though Storyteller is mostly about experimentation and I know that often experimentation leads to “what the hell was he thinking,” I enjoy a pat on the head as much as my dogs do.

Speaking of dogs, I made this picture on a dog walk. That happens often. But I almost missed this one. The leaves are growing on a little chain link fence that encloses a tiny pocket park near to where we live. I imagine if we get some colder weather, I will be able to see through the fence before spring rolls around.

The process. It’s convoluted. I am clarifying it a bit. Once it gets clear, I’ll change it up, but still keeping it within the broad framework of this emerging style. I’m enjoying the process which is mostly about learning. Like most us, I enjoy that.

I’ve intentionally stayed away from the horrifying news out of Texas. Too many people are dying from the barrel of a gun. I just want to add one statistic and I’ll let it go. The gunman shot up a church. The number of innocent people that he killed is 7% of the entire town. Seven percent. Of one town. Let that sink in.

Prayers are requested by the usual politicians. Just what the hell do they think the people in the church were doing?



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