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Yellow Light

Glowing trees.

A Sunday Picture.

Peaceful. Hopeful. Inspiring.

Open this one up. It really takes some size to see what’s going on. A gallery owner suggested this picture should be seen no smaller than 60″ x 40″. I agree. Not because I like big pictures. I do. But, because there is so much stuff going on that you need to look at it. Really look at it.

So. If you click on the image, it will open. It will be big. You’ll see it as I see it.

How did I make it? That’s a whole other story. And, it’s one of the reasons that I’m not rushing off to paint. As someone around here says about music, I’m artistically fulfilled. Oh sure, I’d like to get my hands dirty and the process is very different. But, for me the results are about the same.

I’m fine with that.




  1. I would have said first dawn, creation. But I agree with the previous. It’s one of those pictures, just like some paintings, that you can study and study and…. you get the idea.

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