This May Be

Night at the watchtower.

“There must be some way out of this said the joker to the king.” Bob Dylan wrote that. Jimi Hendrix made it famous.

Seems like we are back there. In time.

With a president who want to be a dictator. One who is mean-spirited. One who dislikes the democratic structure of my country. One who wants to punish people. People who aren’t like him. People who make a mistake. Luckily, for the rest of us, he is the weakest president of all time. He can’t get anything done. His staff ignores him. Or, hides from him. “His” generals, nod their heads, and go about their merry ways. He has no power in the Senate. Or, in the House. He has weakened our international position.

Of course, we are being nickeled and dimed. With executive orders that may never be enforced. With different department heads rolling things back. Good things that were moving us forward. Instead, they are pushing forward old technology. Like coal. Like oil for power. And forwarding bad things. Like rolling back health insurance notifications and subsidies. Cutting environmental protection. And, on and on and on.

Now he’s in Asia. He’ll get nothing done. He has no carrots. No sticks. He can’t even persuade China to shut down supplying North Korea with goods and money. The Japanese don’t trust him. The rest of the Asian nations laugh because he walked away from a trade agreement that would have given the U.S. some say in what happens with goods produced in Asia.


Back in the USA, the president and his people are trying to derail the inevitable march of Mueller and his team who are searching for the truth. The truth about whether the president and his minions tried to work with the Russians to tilt the election. As Mueller comes closer, they scream louder. They throw up the silliest of ideas. They throw up a defeated Democratic presidential candidate. You know. “But, the emails.” The president says he has “one of the great memories,” but can’t remember the guy sitting next to him in pictures.


That’s what I meant by the title. “This May Be.” This may be one of those times when the picture stands on its own and has nothing to do with the writing. Once again, the events of this week and the constant whine of the president on Twitter drove me to it. One of you wrote that having the president’s twitter account shut down for 11 minutes and being discussed by traditional media is an example of needing to fill constant news cycles. That, it is an example of fake news.


When you have a guy who tweets policy before anybody know about it, when you have a guy who regularly attacks everybody and anybody via Twitter, when you have a guy who says twitter is the only sure way to his base… well, 11 minutes of enforced silence is news. Big news. Quite frankly, with all his bullying and threatening on Twitter I don’t know how he isn’t shut down for a TOS violation. Oh yeah. President. I remember. If I said some of the things he says on Twitter, I’d be removed so quickly that… oh yeah. President.

I do tweet back to him sometimes. Always with these words, “Donnie John, what are you so afraid of?” He won’t reply. I’m nobody.


I’m about to prepare yet another gallery show.  It’s about my layered work of a few months ago. A lot of my friends like that work. I always thought it was experimental at best. Even though my stock in trade is bright, energetic pictures, I thought those were too bright. Almost glaring.  So, I thought I do some more layering with a little different color palette. Let’s see what happens.

See? I eventually got back to the picture at hand.


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