Experimental Fall

Something like an experiment.

Another day. Another experiment.

I made this picture in the usual way. My original post production work was very bright. Very poppy. It was pretty good. But, these days I want a little more. So, I kept working and tinkering until I got beyond where I thought the picture should be. This is the result.

It also begs the question, why paint? A couple of you here and on other social media suggested that I try again, especially after I discussed the three-hour salon. One of you said something that struck a funny chord with me. “If you don’t go, how can you leave?” It’s true. And, it’s way deeper than just those few words.

Aside from learning to paint. Or, more accurately, trying to learn to paint, there is a socializing aspect to it. Photography can be a semi-lonely pursuit. For most of us, it is best to work alone. In the field. In the studio. In the digital darkroom. Or, wet darkroom it we are still lucky enough to have one. I do know a lot of photographers. I rarely see them. I know even fewer artists in New Orleans.

See where I’m headed? I would have the chance to talk about art with other artists. It doesn’t matter at which level. We all learn from each other. Besides as a painter, I’m barely a beginner. Below barely.

The picture. I alluded to the original image up above. I removed a lot of color. I made sure that everything left was a sharp as it could be. I added something that looks like canvas and played a little.



  1. Interesting photo and enjoyed reading your article. Have to say that for all your posts. I showed a couple friends your site and they wrote your web address down.


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