Dusk comes to the wires.

I’m often struck by the leading lines of a simple set of electrical power lines. Except, this one isn’t so simple. It also should help to answer the question about why we have so many power failures. From an artistic standpoint, this place is fun. From a more practical view, this system is a mess. No further comments are needed. Heh!

I still think I am a painter in a hurry. A change may come. When I dropped my work off for my next juried show, I was talking about my lack of painting ability to one of the owners. They have a sort of salon – workshop on Monday nights. All levels. All abilities. Three hours for $12, which seems really inexpensive to me. That’s for a model and instruction. My business mind asks the question, where can you be entertained anywhere for $4 an hour?

So. I may try it out.

This picture. One of my wire pictures made painterly. That happened in post production. Oh, and see that little white dot towards above the top wire in the left center of the frame. That’s the moon. A wide angle version of the moon. All work was done on my new iPad Pro, including adding the copyright symbol which has eluded me for a long time on portable devices. A little bulb went off last night. It’s in the emoji files.

There is some practical purpose to those things.

BTW, spellcheck wants to turn emoji to Ebola. Hmmm.



  1. Ebola, emoji, practically the same.
    Hopefully spellcheck has a learning mode. My keyboard is set up English/Spanish but it’s learning German on its own, one word at a time.

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  2. Funny you mention painting. Only this week I braved a blank sheet of paper and produced a painting. I then did three more. Not amazing, but passable. Haven’t picked a paint brush up since 1996! I want to do illustrations for my writing, maybe combine with photowork, so this week I decided I had to start. Get over the doubt, procrastination. The classes might be great. I would go along and see.

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    1. I happen to believe that you can’t do everything well. It takes a huge amount of practice to learn one thing in order to do it well. Jumping from thing to thing to the next thing gets you nowhere. Besides, the very same person who was talking to me about that salon offfered me my own show of the layered material that I was doing a couple of months ago.


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