I’ve passed this way. At least a thousand times. I’d made a mental note of it. Those blue and yellow parking lot stripes were just begging to be photographed. But, they needed something. True, the painter was a little sloppy and dropped some blue paint into the yellow. That wasn’t enough. Then. Yesterday. Nature dropped […]

A simple picture. It surprised me when I did my usual post production tricks. It just popped. The original file is actually kid of drab. Sometimes, photographer’s luck takes over. Luck. Luck is the kind of thing that you prepare for. You practice. And practice. And practice. Then, when the picture, or event, or performance […]

Yes. It’s my swamp. First, the picture. Then, the real comment. We were walking early in the morning when I happened upon this little scene. We don’t always walk in our neighborhood. I always carry some kind of camera. So, I used it. I enhanced the picture in post production. And, that’s really it. For […]

I only made one picture yesterday. This is it. That isn’t to say that I didn’t work the scene a little. I always do. I don’t “spray and pray.” And, I don’t make more pictures than I need to in order to capture what I’m after. I’m a fairly efficient and economic photographer. I believe […]

Practice, practice, practice. This one didn’t work. Yeah. Sure. The picture is fine. But, somewhere in all those little twinkles is a teeny-tiny moon. That’s what I was really going for. The moon. Can you see it? No? Even if you open this picture to its fullest size, it’s worse than “Where’s Waldo?” At least […]

There are times when I probably go too far. This picture makes me wonder. A little. Then, I looked at it harder. It came together. It catches my intention. My vision. The look. The feel. Of the moment that I pushed the button. The light was clean. Sparkling. Cold. By adding the elements that I […]

Something simple. Very simple. A leaf. Photographed on a simple white background. Brought to life in post production. Into something that couldn’t possibly exist in nature. A painting. Sort of. Kind of. In strange blues. And greens. Very experimental. Certainly singular. A little break from reality.  

Happy Thanksgiving. For those of you who follow from other countries, Happy Thursday. Or Friday. I made this picture from another picture. Which, in turn, was made for another picture. Sometimes I do that. Sometimes I make typos. After all, perfection is for angels. I post a picture and write a little something every day. […]

Tomato. You know. You say “toe-may-toe.” I say, “tom-mah-toe.” I made this picture yesterday. During our fall season. Looks about like spring anywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s that second growing season of ours. Stuff blooms. There are new buds.  Spring fruits and veggies start emerging from the earth. It’s just like that. As […]